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Why Choose Invisalign in Dubai? A Closer Look with Dr. Basel Mofti

  The quest for a flawless smile often leads us to ponder various orthodontic options. The key player in this game of dental beauty is often Invisalign in Dubai . This article delves into why Invisalign, as advocated by Dr. Basel Mofti, is your go-to option for a brilliant smile.   The Traditional Orthodontics Landscape Orthodontic treatments have long been dominated by metal braces. They function by threading a wire through metal brackets glued to your teeth. The wire is tightened regularly to move your teeth into alignment, often causing discomfort.     The Drawbacks of Traditional Braces With traditional braces, discomfort is practically guaranteed. They cause mouth ulcers and can irritate the soft tissue inside your mouth. Plus, let's not forget the difficulty in eating after the wires and bands have been tightened.   What is Invisalign? Invisalign is the future of dental alignment. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign involves transparent, nearly invisible align